Michael Dunlea

I have had a traditional photographic career starting off after college on local papers and graduating to the Glasgow Evening Times.

I joined the Scottish Daily Express as a staff photographer in 1983 and moved to the Fleet Street office in 1986. In 1989 the editor asked me to specialise and start to focus on the British Royal family, and in particular covering the late Princess Diana at home and across the World.

I decided to leave the Daily Express in the year 2000 and to cover the Royals on my own, while having a close relationship with the Daily Mail’s London picture desk, and continued to work closely with the Buckingham Palace and Clarence House press offices photographing the royals in the post Diana era.

In 2008 I successfully applied and joined the Independent Photographers Association and so became part of the British Royal Family rota system allowing access to the major royal events including weddings, funerals and major royal visits and tours.

Personal Website: www.sovereignsyndication.com

Email: michael@ipa.photos

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